About us

Antelope Camera Systems is a German manufacturer of premium quality high speed miniature and ultraslowmotion cameras. The company was named after the Antelope, the fabulous African deer animal. We feel the Antelope analogy fits perfectly, because these animals are not only noted for their keen eyesight, beauty and grace, but their extraordinary speed in running. High speed is also the strength of our cameras providing speeds of up to 5000 fps. Like the Antelope, being a sentinel and always on guard, our high speed cameras record permanently into ring buffer and provide, with a push of the post trigger button, slow-motion live playback. Never miss any special moment again! In the plains Antelopes can be found living in herds, like our cameras, which perform not only as a single system, but present a whole family of products working harmonically and interchangeably together. Our unique camera system provides the maximum compatibility between controllers and camera heads. Because of this interchangeability Antelope equipment is easy to use and excellent in holding its value in future.


Made in Germany, used worldwide

Backed by the experience of over 20 years in the broadcast industry, Antelope Camera Systems‘ pursuit of innovation and its deep technology expertise pushed the limits of size and frame rates in broadcast camera engineering to new standards. Coming from a practical background, we understand the need for the ease of use of broadcast equipment and the importance for its reliability. Antelope Cameras are designed to stand up to the most rigorous demands on location.






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